Anna B. Stearns Charitable Foundation renews support

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Strengthening the education, independence, and socioeconomic status of women, children and youth

In Brighton, the Single Parent House provides supportive, transitional housing for 11 homeless young mothers, ages 18-24, and up to two of their children. Without the Single Parent House, these young women would continue to struggle with concrete and emotional effects of trauma, affecting not only themselves, but their children, possibly for generations to come.

Vote of confidence in transformational impact of our Single Parent House

We are grateful the Anna B. Stearns Charitable Foundation renewed support for our Single Parent House, building on the past five years of collaborative support. The funding increase was a vote of confidence in the transformational impact our Single Parent House makes on twenty families each year.

Thank you to the Anna B. Stearns Charitable Foundation for helping Bridge provide the resources for Karina to transform her life

Karina had been living with her boyfriend, the father of her son, for a couple of years, but the relationship was so volatile and violent, that the child had been removed from the home by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families.

Eventually, Karina extracted herself from the relationship in the hope of regaining custody of her child, but she had no resources and nowhere to turn until she heard about Bridge and found her way to the Mobile Medical Van on the Boston Common. There, she received emergency medical care for cuts and bruises that she had received from her boyfriend and had not healed. At the same time, she received supportive crisis counseling and a referral in-house to Bridge.

Karina began in-depth counseling while residing in Bridge’s Emergency Residence at 47 West Street. She started working on her high school equivalency diploma with Education and Career Development Program staff. After only a few months of classes, she achieved her goal of with some of the highest scores Bridge had seen. After receiving her diploma, Karina got a full- time job, re-gained custody of her son, and moved into the Single Parent House. She is now looking for a permanent residence to move into with her son.