Bridge launches Work-Based Learning Program

Bridge’s Work-Based Learning program is a three month paid internship that provides youth participants an opportunity to develop their essential employability skills in a supportive environment.

This experiential model coupled with real-time coaching bolsters student persistence in the value of work and discovering or re-discovering their ambition for lifelong learning and skill development.

Alfred had expressed a tenacious and enthusiastic interest in the Work Based Learning Program as a front desk assistant. Promptly submitting his application in September, he was excited to interview. With a poised demeanor, Alfred carefully answered a multitude of questions in the interview, articulating his strengths and weaknesses and identifying specific skills he wanted to learn.

Since starting in his role, Alfred has developed an increased awareness and understanding of the importance of polishing his professional presence, improved his interpersonal communication skills and worked on various computer based assignments.

Lisa had been enrolled in Bridge’s HiSET program for several months before she applied, and was accepted into the Work-Based Learning Program.

During her time at Bridge she has gained a lot of confidence in the classroom and become a much more active and vocal participant. When she was applying, Lisa wanted to build her professional skills and learn about working in an office environment. She has improved her typing speed, worked on professional email composition and word processing and practiced her professional phone etiquette. Moving forward, she will be focusing more on the job search process and how to market her new skills!