Bridge renews partnership in Support to End Exploitation Now coalition

Support to End Exploitation Now coalition combats and reduces sex trafficking

Bridge has been part of the Support to End Exploitation Now (SEEN) coalition since it first came together 15 years ago.

On January 28, 2019, Bridge joined DA Rollins and statewide agencies to renew the statewide memorandum of understanding to combat and reduce sex trafficking.

SEEN is an important, ground-breaking effort to better help young people heal from the effects of trauma and abuse of being forced into commercial sex work.

Homeless youth are among the most vulnerable to commercial sexual exploitation.

Homeless youth often are enticed into “trading” sex for a place to stay, food, and for what they may see as affection and/or love, e.g., from a “boyfriend” or other person who they think cares for them.

A federally funded study in 2014, which Bridge led in Boston, indicated that over 40% of the youth surveyed had traded sex for money, food, or a place to stay.

Bridge is the primary SEEN coalition member which serves homeless and runaway youth.

Bridge is a member of the SEEN Steering Committee. We provide input on policy recommendations for young victims. We also have a staff member take part on a SEEN subcommittee to develop training programs. Bridge staff have received intensive trauma-informed training from SEEN members.

Part of this coalition, Bridge builds relationships and connections with court representatives, the FBI, state and local police, district attorney offices, child welfare, and others in a combined effort to combat and reduce sex trafficking. We also work to ensure that young victims are not exploited again by the system if they seek help or if they come to the attention of law enforcement.