Longtime Counselor Richard recognized with Fish Family Foundation Appreciation Award


Richard is the Coordinator of Bridge’s Counseling and Support Services Program

He began his career at Bridge in 1981 as a counselor after teaching history at Boston’s English High School.

Richard has been a stalwart, heartfelt counselor, earning the trust of several hundred youth over the past 35 years to help them overcome their turbulent pasts and achieve their hopes and dreams.

The youth he counsels don’t forget.

Richard reflects on one young man. “He was in very bad shape, doing some hard drugs in the Common. He said he looked up and saw our sign, Bridge Over Troubled Waters. He came in, high. We talked a lot; I made sure he had something to eat. I suggested he try a detox program, set up a referral, and arranged transportation,” said Richard. He continuously advocated for, and visited the teenager until he completed the program.

About a year later, Richard got a knock on his office door. A young man stepped in and asked if Richard remembered him. “Of course,” said Richard. The young man told Richard that no one else ever offered to help him, or show him how to get help. Four or five years later, the young man returned a second time to thank Richard once again.

We are so proud of the impact Richard has made on many young adults

Bridge is grateful that the Fish Family Foundation chose to share in our appreciation of Richard’s work. Congratulations, Richard!