Liberty House providing newfound liberty for young adults

This summer, with generous support from our partners at Liberty Mutual Insurance, Bridge opened Liberty House.

Liberty House is an apartment co-op that provides opportunities for independent housing with minimal supervision.

Bridge Over Troubled Water’s  Liberty House

Bridge Over Troubled Water’s Liberty House

This house is the perfect next step for young adults who have graduated from other Bridge programs such as the Transitional Living Program in Brighton. Liberty House residents are able to practice living on their own and build up their rent and credit histories in preparation for finding an apartment in the Greater Boston area.

Jessica came to Bridge from a traumatic household.

“As far back as I can remember, my mother was very difficult. She was extremely verbally abusive and occasionally physically abusive to everyone in the family including my father. My mother didn’t support me or provide any guidance about my future. She did not approve of any of us furthering our education beyond high school. In spite of this, I was always very focused on school and wanted to go further in my education.”

A friend referred Jessica to Bridge and she was able to get a safe place to sleep in the Emergency Residence. A few months later, she moved into our Transitional Living Program in Brighton and started accomplishing some of the things she always wanted to do.

“I work over 40 hours per week and attend Urban College at night and on the weekends. I’ll graduate in less than two years and plan to apply for a scholarship at a four-year college.”

One of the first to move into Liberty House!

Jessica was one of the first individuals to move out of the Transitional Living Program and into Bridge’s Liberty House in Dorchester this past summer.

“I feel like Bridge is always by my side and I get all the help and support I need as I work towards becoming independent.”