Linda: "One night I noticed the Bridge van and stopped to see what it was all about."

Linda is an Advisory Council member. Below, she shares a bit about how and why she got involved with Bridge.

“When I moved to Boston after college, I frequently walked through the Common on my way home from work. One night I noticed the Bridge van and I stopped to see what it was all about. That night, I continued my walk home thinking about the notion that this van delivered necessary help and support to at risk youth by bringing the services to the youth.  It’s such a logical concept but I had not seen it executed so well before.  


Bridge executes all that it does — providing wellness services in the van, shelter and education in its West Street location, transitional living in Brighton — with a warm hearted, genuine desire to help our youth rise above circumstances that have driven them to the streets and to create a sustainable future. This is what I love the most about Bridge.  

When a close friend of mine, Laura McDonough, asked if I would be interested in joining the Advisory Council, I jumped at the chance to contribute to this wonderful organization.  As a child my father would say “a community is only as strong as its weakest link.”  I like to think that Bridge is working to strengthen our community, one link at a time.  

I am honored to be a member of the Advisory Council and advance the important mission of Bridge Over Troubled Waters.”

-Linda Simard