Meet Neil and Jasmine, running the 2019 Falmouth Road Race for Bridge!

Neal and Jasmine.jpg

Neil and his daughter, Jasmine, are going to run the Falmouth Road Race to benefit Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Below, they share a bit about why they’ve chosen to run 7 miles and raise $2,000!

The race is 7 miles.

This is a pretty big commitment for us given that Jasmine has never run this far, and Neil hasn't run this kind of distance for at least 15 years.

Why are we running this in the middle of the summer heat you might ask?

Well, we are hoping to raise money for Bridge Over Troubled Waters - a great non-profit based right in the middle of Boston. Bridge provides services to all youth (ages 14-24) to help guide them to a self-sufficient and stable adulthood.  

We are really excited to do this run and to raise support for Bridge Over Troubled Waters. We would love you to support us, and Bridge Over Troubled Waters, by sponsoring our run! 

- Neil and Jasmine

Inspired by Neil and Jasmine’s story?

Help Neil and Jasmine reach their fundraising goal of $2,000 to benefit Bridge Over Troubled Waters!