Meet Nicole, a Social Work Intern in our Transitional Day Program

Nicole at bridge Over Troubled Waters.

Nicole at bridge Over Troubled Waters.

Nicole is currently studying for her Masters in Social Work (MSW). As part of her education, she has spent the academic year doing an internship placement here at Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Below, she shares a bit about her experience.

I grew up in the Boston area and had seen the Mobile Medical Van out on the Boston Common before but did not know much about the mission of Bridge. 

When I started looking for social work internships I saw Bridge on my school’s internship database and did some research. 

I was immediately interested in interning at Bridge because I love working with young adults.

After my undergrad I did a year of volunteer work at a foster care agency in NYC with youth ages 14-21. I assisted them with housing, jobs, and education as they aged out of the foster care system. I found it extremely rewarding and wanted to continue similar work when I returned to Boston!  

I work with youth ages 18 to 24 who are experiencing homelessness. 

I am a social work intern in the Transitional Day Program, which is a safe, age-appropriate drop-in place for youth. I assist youth with case management activities such as applying for housing.  I also run a weekly stress management group called "Just Chill". 

I wish everyone knew how amazing and strong the youth we serve are!  

Many have been through so much in their lives but are so hopeful for the future.  They are working hard to utilize all available resources and get out of homelessness.  There are a lot of stereotypes about homeless people but the youth I work with daily are amazing, smart, resilient young people.

- Nicole P.