RCN supports Bridge with essentials


RCN kicked off 2019 with an act of service

Bridge Over Troubled Waters has been fortunate to have partnered with RCN over the years in many different ways, including a golf tournament each June. As an ongoing partner, RCN explored new ways to support Bridge, and hosted a supply drive in their office. The supply drive was a resounding success for RCN employees, who appreciated the opportunity to be able to give back and make an impact.

Bridge has ten programs and services in its seven-story building with unique needs

The supply drive was all-encompassing, and will support Bridge’s wide array of programs that incorporate meals, ranging from a warm breakfast for individuals who come in off the streets in the morning, to youth staying in our Emergency Residence, who we provide with three meals a day. Thank you, RCN!

Looking to partner with Bridge?

If your company or organization is looking for a way to help, you can learn more about the variety of ways you can get involved with Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Contact Barbara Baxter, Manager of Corporate and Foundation Relations at bbaxter@bridgeotw.org.